Improve your manufacturing performance with Process Picture Maps - "PPMs"

Automated document design software that makes it easy for you to produce "state-of-the-art" procedures and job aids. Help your employees 'do it right first time' - make it easy to do the right thing, hard to do the wrong thing.

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Suits small businesses that want to get started improving performance.


USD /year

Single Author Basic features

Easy to get started

  • We supply proven templates & symbol library
  • Walkthrough help videos to get you up and running
  • Wizards to walk you through how to create PPMs
  • Polishing tools for professional result

Suits any business that wants consistent formats for visual work instructions that improve performance.


USD /year Per author

Supports multiple Authors Includes all features

Turbo-charge with these additional features

Watch video of tasks

  • Video ensures accurate understanding of a task
  • Integrated video viewer & screenshot tool

Share standard formats with all Authors

  • Your administrator sets templates, symbols & tables

Ensure the highest quality

  • Quality checklist for each PPM

4. Select your training option

Train your authors in how to use PPMs to improve performance, understand how to capture internal best practice & how to implement PPMs in your workplace.

Our training is designed to teach you how to capture and codify 'best practice' - because what you put in your PPM - is what you have the right to expect.

Virtual Group Author Training

5 x 1.5 hour group session

USD * Per author

Learn how to reduce your lengthy text-based procedures to effective PPMs

  • The science of document design
  • How to reduce a 12-page document to 1 double-sided page
  • Deep level interviewing to capture 'best practice'
  • Concise writing skills
  • How to use symbols, tables, images & videos to best effect
  • Digital photography & videography
  • How to validate your PPM

Note - when you sign up for Author Training, each licensed author is automatically included in the program.

Have each author's first PPM reviewed by one of our experts

Learning how to create a quality is a process. One of our experienced PPM coaches will review our first PPM and provide supportive and corrective feedback to help you achieve professional results.

One-to-one PPM Review

1 hour session with each author

USD * Per author

To shorten your learning curve, one of our professional PPM editors will:

  • do a one-on-one review of your 1st PPM
  • answer questions on how to handle specific situations, and
  • help you improve the quality of your work.
We provide reinforcing feedback for the things you're doing well and corrective feedback for those things you can improve.

Note - when you sign up for PPM Review, each licensed author is automatically included in the program.

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Basic - Small business, basic features

Pro - Turbo-charge performance improvement

Training option

Each licensed author is automatically included in the program.

Virtual Group Author Training

One-to-one PPM Review

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